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Name:Cape and Cowl 2020
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C&C 2020

Someone call for a dystopian future au? Sometime around 2013 (THIS IS NEW, GUYS, WE'RE JUST SLIDING THE SHIT HITTING THE FAN FORWARD A FEW YEARS OKAY), the government in the City decided that they'd had enough of these superhero antics. There was a nationwide crackdown on metas, requiring registration upon penalty of incarceration. The network was shut down, and many residents were scattered to the winds. There are a few that stayed in touch, however. That's where you come in.

For some of you, this might be from before your time. Not to fear! Since it's a highly flexible splinter universe, there's pretty much no such thing as canon. Retcons abound, either as allowances for contradictory canon information (except for the premise, of course), or even just if the player wants to change something around!

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